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About the company By Randi

My name is Randi Fryd, I am the entrepreneur and proprietor of Fryds Wellness, which offer Acunova acupuncture, Tao massage ad sale of massage oils and other supplies. Fryds Designs that produce my own homemade jewelery from my own designs, Fryds Gallery where I paint art paintings,


as well as Smileffect By Randi which offers tooth whitening and sale of tooth whitening pastes, and toothbrushes which can be purchased at this web site shop at reasonable prices.

I work from home now at he corona virus is flourishing all over the world, and therefore only offer to send my products, and good patence must be noted as the mail is not as fast as it usually is because the pandemic.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions and I will help you as best as I can.

Best regards,

Owner of By Randi

Randi Fryd